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"HEAVEN QUEST" written by Kristen Halter and Kevin Scott Collier, illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Kristen Halter and Kevin Scott Collier. Published by Tangerine Sky Productions.



Alien teen and his dog go in search of heaven

Faith-based Youth Fiction • Tangerine Sky Productions • 136 pages • $9.95
Written by Kristen Halter and Kevin Scott Collier / Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier 
When Izzy Warp and his loyal companion, Bubbles, receive an outer space transmission from a planet called Earth, the two journey halfway across the galaxy to discover a place called “heaven.” Confused as to its whereabouts, the two land on Earth for directions. Thanks to the kindness of an old woman and her pastor, Izzy discovers not only heaven but the Key to it as well.
RANDALL'S SANDALS Written by Kevin Scott Collier, published by Tangerine Sky. THE SAD LITTLE HOUSE published by Guardian Angel Publishing. THE ESTHER CHRONICLES Written by Kevin Scott Collier, published by Lulu Press. DREAMCHASER Written by Kristen Halter with Kevin Scott Collier, published by Tangerine Sky. BENJAMIN OLIVER FLANAGAN Written by A. Dale Triplett and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, published by New World Publishing. THE SECRET OF LITTLE PINE Written by Kevin Scott Collier, published by Lulu Press. PETER POTATO COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK published by New World Publishing. THE NEW NEIGHBORS Written by Corina Collier, illustrated by Uncle Kevin, published by Lulu Press.
PETER POTATO AND THE SEVEN CRYSTALS published by New World Publishing. J.P.'S HALLOWEEN PARADE published by New World Publishing.  DOTTY'S TOPSY TALE published by Hidden Picture Books. THE BEDAZZLING BOWL published by Xulon Press.

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What Reviewers are Saying:

BARTHPENN@HEAVEN.ORG  "A masterpiece of communication."  ESTHER'S CHANNEL "Young people will enjoy reading this story, a book about different human behaviors that either unite or divide us."  RANDALL'S SANDALS "Randall’s Sandals challenges us to consider that political correctness may not necessarily be the right answer." HEAVEN QUEST "Tweeners will identify with Izzy who feels, and is, out of place on earth. It's a fun ride across the galaxy, yet with a serious message." DILIGENCE THE DRAGON "The author uses symbols that parallel many teachings of the Christian faith that can be taken and expounded upon by parents and teachers to go beyond the story." NATALIE'S ARK "Excellent, clearly teaching the fundamentals of faith."   JOURNEYS OF HOPE "Hope the angelfish illustrates her Christian values and learns how to be compassionate towards others."  THE SECRET OF LITTLE PINE "A great adventure full of secrets...extremely heart warming."  TALES FROM KENSINGTON FOREST "Accidents occur but the folk of Kensington Forest learn that when individuals come together anything can be accomplished."  THE ESTHER CHRONICLES  "About the gift of living each day and season fully." 


Print Books

Books Written by Kevin

"" cover by Thea Collier • "Esther's Channel" covers and artwork by Kevin Scott Collier • "The Esther Chronicles" covers by Kevin Scott Collier • "Randall's Sandals" covers by Nicole Brekelbaum • "Heaven Quest" co-written by Kristen Halter, covers and artwork by Kevin Scott Collier • "The Secret of Little Pine" covers by Kevin Scott Collier  • "My Shadow is Missing" co-written by Kristen Halter, covers by Kevin Scott Collier • "Natalie's Ark" co-written by Kristen Halter, covers by Andy Cooke and Kevin Scott Collier "Dreamchaser" written by Kristen Halter with Kevin Scott Collier, covers by Kevin Scott Collier


Books Illustrated by Kevin for Other Writers

"Benjamin Oliver Flanagan" written by A. Dale Triplett • "Barnaby Gets Lost!" written by Kimberlie Clark • "Mice in My Tummy" written by Anrea Houdek • "Topsy Turvy Land" written by Donna J. Shepherd • "According to Daisy: Abundant Living for Moms" written by Linda Rondeau • "The Day Jarod Met Jesus" written by Kristen Halter • "The Little Sea Rock" written by Charlotte Palmer McMillen • "If You're Gonna Be a Monster" written by Mrs. Mouse • "The Adventures of Peter Potato" written by Ronald Harvie • "Peter Potato and The Seven Crystals" written by Ronald Harvie • "Peter Potato and Friends Coloring Book" written by Ronald Harvie • "J.P.'s Halloween Parade" written by Andi Houdek • "The New Neighbors" written by Corina Collier  • "The BeDazzling Bowl" written by Wendy Lynn Decker, cover designer Sue Dent


Book covers illustrated by Kevin for other writers

"Itty-Bits Of Bliss" coordinated by Christine Tricarico • "Rainbows and Promises" written by Inez Brinkley • "Alby The Amazing Pig" written by Emma Reed  • "Peter Meets Other Animals" written by Hailey Russell

Commercial E-Books

Books Written and Illustrated by Kevin

"Tales From Kensington Forest" • "Diligence the Dragon" • "Journeys of Hope: A Star Shall Lead Them" • "Journeys of Hope: Pearl of Wisdom"


Books Illustrated by Kevin for Other Writers

"Bobby Cottontail's Gift" written by Catherine James • "The Sad Little House" written by Catherine James  • "The Lonely Lightning Bug" written by Donna J. Shepherd • "Chizzy's Topsy Tale" written by Donna J. Shepherd • "The Best Christmas Gift" written by Cindy Appel"Jilly and Willy" written by Debra Scatasti


Promotional E-books Written/Illustrated by Kevin

Free Downloads (.pdf format) 

"The Adventures of Tommy Tweener" • "The Pathway of Pastor Prickly Pete" • "Nuts & Bolts" • "Root Beer Floats in the Middle of a Dune" • "Hope the Angelfish: Vision in Darkness"


View Artwork from the pages of Kevin's Illustrated Books

"Barnaby Gets Lost!" . "If You're Gonna Be A Monster..." . "The Day Jarod Met Jesus" . "The Little Sea Rock" . "The Best Christmas Gift" . "Mice in My Tummy" . "Benjamin Oliver Flanagan" . "The Adventures of Peter Potato and Friends" . "Topsy Turvy Land" . "Chizzy's Topsy Tale" . "Bobby Cottontail's Gift" . "Jilly and Willy" . "J.P.'s Halloween Parade". "Heaven Quest". "The Sad Little House".

Misc. Free Download E-Books

Kevin's 2003-2004 Self-Published E-Books as Writer and Illustrator and Other Collections

"Frampton's Christmas Gift" written by Doris Holik Kelly • "Nuts & Bolts" • "There's a Sub in My Tub" • "Bunny Benny Big Feet" • "Hotoh and the Perplexity Pond" • "Eggmond" • "Ragmutt" • "There's a Toad in the Road" illustrated by Andy Cooke • "Claude Henry Learns to Gobble" written by Judy Byers • "Inspirationstation: Book One" written with Carole Lewis, Robin Jackson, Doris Holik Kelly, Kimberlie Clark, Judy Byers and Donna J. Shepherd • "Barnaby Takes Flight" written by Kimberlie Clark • "Turbo Kitty" written by Judy Byers


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 Kevin's Illustrations for Online Series

Kevin has illustrated 5 different online series for various writers. The following is a listing of those series, the author/creator's name, and a story title link to that tale. All illustrations with these stories were created by Kevin Scott Collier.

Tales From the Barnyard written by Judy Caughron Byers: "Claude Henry and the Orphaned Ducklings"  "Claude Henry Makes a Difference".  Frampton Bullfrog written by Doris Holik Kelly: "Strange Noises"  "But, I'm So Ugly!"  "The Visitor"  "Saying Goodbye to Grandpa"  "The Third Shepherd"  "The Prodigal Frog".  Lessons with Lionel written by Carole Lewis: "A Purpose for Lionel"The Discontented Dinosaur"  "A New Friend"  "Sharing Jesus With A Friend".  Rooter and Snuffle written by Shari Lyle-Soffe: "Searching for Butter Beans and Ham"  "Lost in the Woods"  "The Birthday Fish".  Barnaby Bee written by Kimberlie Clark: "Barnaby Learns to Be Himself"  "Barnaby Goes to School"  "Barnaby and Bedezio"  "Barnaby's Christmas"  "Barnaby's Valentine"  "Barnaby's Easter".

 Kevin's Illustrations for Websites

Kevin has illustrated many works for various writer's websites. The following is a listing of artwork and the writer's name.

MAP ILLUSTRATION Ruby Ring Kingdom from the Liz Delayne Novella website. COLORING PAGES Several Free Dowload Pages from the Donna J. Shepherd "Topsy Turvy Land" website. POETRY ART Several Illustrations from the Kimberlie Clark website. POETRY ART Several Illustrations from the Doris Holik Kelly website.