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A touching story about imagination and inspiration.

© 2005 Kevin Scott Collier. Inspirational Youth Fiction
Written and illustrated
by Kevin Scott Collier
24 pages / Published by Ottawa Press
Price: 3.00
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8-year-old Cory Mulligan is great admired in Monroe Township for his inventions. But, when he goes to pull off his greatest invention of all, a walking-talking robot for 'show-and-tell' at school, Cory's 'tech partner' and master builder (his father) has departed with his National Guard unit which has been deployed to Iraq. This leaves Cory alone to fend for himself in his father's garage workshop. Cory's 17-year-old brother, Casey, observes his brother's latest creation with whimsy calling the robot 'Bolts' and Cory just plain 'nuts.' Can Cory pull of this technological achievement of a lifetime, or will he become a laughing stock?


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