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SUMMER 2005.   SUMMER 2005.
Every summer of my life I have spent at my family's cottage on Silver Lake. It's a short walk to a huge sand dune from our front yard, as you can see. The tallest hill (at right) is known as the Razor Back. I sand board surf down it several times during the summer season.
The dunes stretch 3.5 miles North to South, and 1.5 miles West to East. A single pontoon boat is beached where dozens of boats would be on prime summer days. I often bring a notebook or my laptop computer to the dune on warm days, and have written several books here.
SUMMER 2005.   SUMMER 2005.
The dune shoreline is an excellent place to swim and play in the summertime. In this shot, I chase my niece Paige. Another niece, Corina also joins me at times. Corina wrote a segment in my "Esther's Channel" book. The lake is at its deepest point along the dune, dropping to 25 feet.
A friend, Erin, who read my book "Esther's Channel," poses near the channel's dam. The book's setting is this channel, which runs South-West from Silver Lake into Lake Michigan. In the story, the dam is where Esther's mother lost her life.

75 PERCENT OF "ESTHER'S CHANNEL" was written at Silver Lake the summer of 2004. The creatures who appear in the book have all been witnessed either in the lake or the channel outlet.
SILVER LAKE ACTIVITES FOR ME include bicycling, swimming, sandboarding down the dunes, water skiing and tubing behind our family's speed boat. My brothers and I also parasail, pulling a custom made parachute behind our boat. Launching and landing from the dunes, we fly over the lake using anywhere from 200 to 900 feet of rope. At the highest distance you can see for over 50 miles.
THE IDEA FOR "BARTHPENN@HEAVEN.ORG" came to me while walking the dune shoreline with niece Corina. I was joking with her how I do not pray, but "email" God instead. The story was born.
ILLUSTRATIONS FOR BOOKS are always a part of my time at Silver Lake. I spend most weekends, all holidays and weeks of vacation time there. Most of the illustrations' for "Esther's Channel" were drawn in my mother's living room. Just a few of the other books illustrated there include: "According to Daisy," "The Little Sea Rock," "Peter Potato and Friends" and "The Lonely Lightning Bug."

View the SILVER LAKE WEBCAM which points
West over the lake to the dunes.