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A collection of the complete Esther, the painted turtle internet stories.

"THE ESTHER CHRONICLES", written and cover illustration by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Kevin Scott Collier. Published by Lulu Press, April 2006. Short Story Collection
Christian genre/All ages
Written by Kevin Scott Collier
Cover and illustrations by Kevin.
Publisher: Lulu Press
Stats: 82 pages, paperback
Price: 6.95

Before "Esther's Channel" (published July 2005 by Baker Trittin / Tweener Press) was released, Esther, the painted turtle, Gack, the red-winged blackbird, and their neighbors in a narrow waterway appeared in short stories on the internet in several different online magazines. This book is a collection of all 14 short stories, 9 which did appear online, and 5 that were written but never did. "The Esther Chronicles" features several characters who do not appear in the Tweener Press chapter book, but the theme is virtually the same with subjects such as compassion, courage and hope guiding the way. Fitch, the Praying Mantis, along with a prototype for a monster known as Drax (who will both appear in the scheduled 2007 Tweener Press "Esther's Channel" sequel "Gack Vanishes") first appear here.


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