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A tale about searching for the sun but instead finding "The Son."

"RAINBOWS AND PROMISES", written and illustrated by Inez Brinkley. Cover illustration by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Inez Brinkley. Published by Lulu Press. Children's Christian Picture Book
Written and illustrated by Inez Brinkley
Cover illustration by Kevin Scott Collier
Publisher: Lulu Press
ISBN: 978-1-4116-9579-5
Stats: 43 pages, 7.5" square paperback
Price: 15.98

John Henry and his friends Livingston, Topper, and Flannagan set off on an adventure to find the sun. This exciting story takes them places they have never been as they discover that the sun they are looking for is not the one to solve their problem. But each overcomes an obstacle in his life on the journey.


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