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When you are lost, faith will help you find your way home.

"BARNABY GETS LOST!", written by Kimberlie Clark, illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Kimberlie Clark. Children's story/picture book
Christian genre
Written by Kimberlie Clark Byers
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
Author's website
Publisher: Lulu Press
Stats: 24 pages, 8.5"x11"
Full color
Price: 9.95

When young Barnaby B. Bee strays from his brothers and sisters while exploring a place known as The Garden Floor, he becomes lost. While he meets many interesting creatures along the way, such as Cameron the caterpillar, Jake the snail and Steve the snake, some are menacing, such as Deb the spider and Austin the Warrior Bee. But nothing instills fear into Barnaby more than the thought that he may never find his way back home. A tender story of how faith can bring you back to where you belong.


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