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Write 4 Food interview up, All Things Literary this fall

All Things Literary schedules fall interview 
Logo ©2006 All Things Literary

An interview with me conducted by Will Write 4 Food has been posted online. The books "brathpenn@heaven.org," "Randall's Sandals," and the new sci-book with Kristen Halter, "Heaven Quest," are discussed. Perhaps the most unusual question was, "If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?"  I have also been asked to be the "Featured Author" in All Things Literary online that will be conducted this fall. It will appear at the beginning of either November or December and will highlight my most recent book titles.

"Heaven Quest" published, Izzy Warp Website debuts

Teen alien Izzy Warp and his dog Bubbles go in search of Heaven 
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier

Kristen Halter and my whimsical faith-based sci-fi adventure chapter book for kids titled "Heaven Quest" has been published. The book runs 136 pages and retails for $9.95. An e-book companion for Writers Exchange E-Publishing titled "Izzy Warp and The Lights of Bulbalon" will be released this fall. We have just launched the Izzy Warp Heaven Quest Universe website, also. The website features free downloads including an Izzy Warp coloring book, collector's cards and games. The print book, "Heaven Quest", centers around the alien named Izzy and his blowmutt (dog) named Bubbles who go in search of an uncharted area of space known as Heaven. This book was released by Tangerine Sky Productions, Ltd. Izzy and Bubbles will encounter light-bulb-like creatures in the companion Writers Exchange e-book. The Izzy Warp's Heaven Quest Universe website features numerous free downloads including: puzzles, a coloring book, and collector cards. There is also a line of Heaven Quest merchandise. Purchase "Heaven Quest" book online now. View black and white Chapter Artwork from this book. Kristen Halter website.
James' & Collier's "Sad Little House" book is released
The cover of Catherine James' "The Sad Little House"  
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier
My second book with children's writer Catherine James, "The Sad Little House," has been released. Earlier this year, "Bobby Cottontail's Gift" was published with James as author and me as illustrator. "The Sad Little House" tells the story of a run down house named Harry dreams of having a family move inside. Characters from the our first book together, Bobby Cottontail, Olivia Owl, Benny Beaver and Rosemary Robin return in "The Sad Little House." The book will run approximately 24-30 pages and be released by Guardian Angel Publishing later this Year. View Artwork from this book. Visit the Catherine James Website. Visit the Guardian Angel Publishing website.

Esther to become a series with sequel "Gack Vanishes"

Gack, the red-winged blackbird, one of the ensemble, disappears in the sequel
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier

Due to positive reaction from readers and educators, Tweener Press Publisher Paul Trittin and Editor Dr. Marvin G. Baker have asked me to write a sequel to "Esther's Channel." "We want this character ensemble to be a series, and to get the sequel published in 2006," Baker said. Writing for the sequel to Esther, titled "Gack Vanishes", is now into chapter six of a planned 10-12. The book will feature a character portrait art gallery and chapter illustrations, like the first. The focus will be on character Gack, the red-winged blackbird, who goes missing midway into the fable. Esther, the painted turtle, tries to adjust to her new life out in the cove on Silver Lake only to be confronted with the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. Madame Sweeney, the wise ancient Blanding turtle, and Skitters, the water bug, will be featured in major supporting roles. Several creatures from the first tale will reprise their roles, and two all-new characters will be introduced as well; Fitch the praying mantis, and an enormous stealthy menace known only as Drax. "Gack Vanishes" will be released in 2007. The manuscript for "Danderdaul" (a story about pets in a nursing home) for Tweener Press will be submitted this year. No release date is scheduled at this time for that title. Visit the Baker Trittin Press website.
Signs contract to draw "Mousenstern" Christmas book
I have signed an artist's contract to illustrate "A Blessed Bethlehem Birth: As told by Abraham and Anna Mousenstern" written by Walter Lee McElligott.  It will be my 9th book for Guardian Angel Publishing as either author or illustrator. The story by McElligott centers on two mice and their animal friends who prepare the Bethlehem stable for the coming of Mary and Joseph and the birth of the Baby Jesus. This a children's book with illustrations. The e-book, which I will begin drawing in September, will be released in time for the Christmas season. Visit the Guardian Angel Publishing website.
LeBlanc & Collier illustrate Raelene Hall's "New Puppy"
Illustration for "The New Puppy"
Artwork by Gisele LeBlanc and Kevin Scott Collier
I am currently co-illustrating a picture book for toddlers with Canadian artist Gisele LeBlanc. The book, "The New Puppy," written by Australian children's writer and columnist Raelene Hall, tells the story of a little girl named Kelly and her puppy Harry's tail-wagging mischief. The completed artwork reflect a blend of our two styles. The e-book will be published by Writers Exchange E-Publishers and could be released in time for Christmas. It will be the third book I will have illustrated for the company, following "If You're Gonna Be A Monster" and "Jilly and Willy." Visit the Raelene Hall Outbackwriter website. Visit Gisele LeBlanc's Dragonfly Spirit Online Magazine. Visit the Writers Exchange E-Publisher website.

COVER OF "THE RANDALL'S SANDALS" written by Kevin Scott Collier and illustrated by Nicole Brekelbaum. © 2006 Kevin Scott Collier, published by Tangerine Sky Productions. IN THE EYE OF A POLITICAL CORRECTNESS STORM
Kevin's controversial Christian chapter book "Randall's Sandals" is published and released

"Randall's Sandals", my faith-based chapter book for youths age 9-14, has been published. The book, which runs 116 pages, explores the plight of 12-year-old Randall Andrews, who is suspended from public school when he speaks the name of Jesus. Soon Randall finds himself in the eye of a political correctness storm of out of control. Randall and his family become swept up in an escalating drama which pits the right wing and left wing agendas against each other with the family squeezed in the center. The book also explores whether or not the tattered sandals given to Randall by a former neighbor may possess some startling historical significance. One early review of the manuscript coined it a "roller coaster of emotions" while editor called it "exceptional." Accomplished illustrator Nicole Brekelbaum illustrated the book's cover and chapter artwork icon. Nicole resides in Pflugerville, Texas with her family. Her illustrations have been published in newspapers and poetry anthologies. The book is published by Tangerine Sky Productions and retails for $7.95.


Magazine News Briefs
Kevin creates full-color comic page for children's print magazine 
Bleu the crab to appear in "Cecil Child" magazine
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier
I have accepted a position at Cecil Magazine as the writer and illustrator of a comic story page that will appear as a series. The first installment of "Bleu the Crab" has been turned in for the print and online magazine. The full color comic page features a little girl (Bonnie) who visits a blue crab (Bleu) by the seashore and always learns something. In the first episode Bonnie discovers tourists leave trash behind along the shoreline. Perhaps she can help Bleu clean up. The comics page will debut in the Fall 2006 edition. Bleu the Crab is based on the company's mascot. Visit the Cecil Child magazine website.
Kevin instructs kids on to how to illustrate a hummingbird
Features Kevin's "How To Draw" instruction pages monthly
For the month of August in "Fandangle Magazine" I show kids How to Draw a Hummingbird. Go to Fandangle Magazine website and download the new issue; my entry appears on page 10. I am a regular contributor to the monthly magazine and each month will feature something different for kids to learn how to draw. In the upcoming July issue, I will show budding artists how to draw a bumble bee. Featured in previous issues: How to Draw a Buzzy Bee. How to Draw an Elephant. How to Draw a Fish. How to Draw a Duck. How to Draw a Dragon. How to Draw a Kid
Kevin illustrates Fire Prevention story for upcoming September issue
Ginger Rose learns what to do in class if there's a fire
Artwork excerpt by Kevin Scott Collier
I have turned in two illustrations to accompany a "Ginger Rose: Stop, Drop and Roll" fire prevention story written by Jeanette Marchand which will appear in the September online issue off Wee Ones Magazine. Marchand is a mother of four. She loves volunteering at her kids' school in the kindergarten class. She is also a volunteer in the school's Strong Start program which helps children ages 5 - 6 prepare for reading in grade one. Jeanette has also been published in Fandangle Magazine. Visit Wee Ones Magazine online. Visit Fandangle Magazine online.
Illustration article by Kevin published in nationally distributed magazine
I have an article and accompanying illustration published in the current issue of "Once Upon A Time" magazine. The article, titled "Drawing Conclusions," will explain how using simple drawing tools, such as a ball point pen, can give your artwork a new look. The piece explores how I drew my "Eggmond" e-book. The quarterly issue I appear in mailed out to subscribers the end of April. Once Upon A Time website.
Book News Briefs
Donna J. Shepherd's "Dotty's Topsy Tale" children's e-book to be released

The cover of Donna J. Shepherd's "Dotty's Topsy Tale"
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier
"Dotty's Topsy Tale," written by Donna J. Shepherd, and illustrated by me, will be released soon by Hidden Picture Books Publishing. The second in the e-book series, which follows "Chizzy's Topsy Tale" released last fall, is in the final editing stages. 14 full color illustrations were created for this title. This book focuses on Dotty, the pink polka dot hippo, who encounters a young purple polka dot hippo named Violet. The rhyming story explores why color shouldn't make a difference. (The e-book is actually the third "Topsy" book, the first being the print book "Topsy Turvy Land" released in July 2005.) Read a new interview with Donna in Mom2Mom Connection online. Donna Shepherd website. Official Topsy Turvy Land website. Kevin's Topsy Turvy Land page. Purchase "Topsy Turvy Land" book from Barnes and Noble online. Publisher Hidden Picture Books website.
Illustrations completed for Wendy Lynn Decker's "The BeDazzling Bowl"

The cover of Wendy Lynn Decker's "The BeDazzling Bowl"
Cover artwork by Sue Dent
I have completed and turned in 16 black and white illustrations for the interior of Wendy Lynn Decker's next book, "The BeDazzling Bowl." The middle grade novel focuses on a girl named Aly as she makes the transition from one grade to another, and from one friend to another. Publication is expected before the end of this year. Artist and designer Sue Dent created the cover for this book. As a freelance writer, Wendy has appeared in The Spiritual Voice, Cross Times, the Spirit-Led Writer, the Cup of Comfort for Women Devotional Series, the Quiet Hour, Parables, and FaithWriter’s Magazines and was a columnist for Sisters in the Lord Magazine. Visit the Wendy Lynn Decker website. Read an excerpt from her "My Quest" book.
Kevin designs cover, is co-author of Kristen Halter's  "Dreamchaser"

I designed the book cover and was shadow author on Kristen Halter's fifth title as author, "Dreamchaser." The 71-page book, which was released on June 1 by Tangerine Sky Productions, tells the story of a 14-year-old African-American boy living with his grandmother in East Cleveland who has dreams of being a basketball star. The tale features Ohio political figure Kenneth Blackwell, and impresses winners are created through character, achievements and being an outreach to others. The book retails for $7.95. Go to Preview of  "Dreamchaser." Purchase "Dreamchaser" online. Visit the Kristen Halter Website. Visit the Tangerine Sky Productions website.

Kevin illustrating cover for Kisner's "Troll Queen" fantasy children's book

Detail excerpt of troll from book's cover
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier

I am illustrating the cover for "Quest of the Troll Queen" written by Ronald W. Kisner for New World Pubishing. A fantasy for young readers, the story is about a character known as the Troll Queen who begins begins as a hideous creature and becomes a beautiful maiden.  The book will run approximately 200 pages and is expected to be released this fall.  Kisner's writing credits include "A Glimpse Into My Soul" and "Glimmer Thought." Visit New World Publishing website.
Tricarico's "Itty-Bits of Bliss" raises over $600.00 for Love Our Children
The cover of Christine Tricarico's "Itty Bits of Bliss"
Cover artwork by Kevin Scott Collier
"Itty-Bits Of Bliss", a 40 page full-size picture book published in March, has raised over $600.00 for Love Our Children USA through support and sales. The collectionwas compiled and parts written by Christine Tricarico and features whimsical poetry and artwork. P roceeds from the book go to spread awareness for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The collection was composed by Gisele LeBlanc, who also illustrated pieces, and features a full color cover and one interior illustration by me. Other writers and artists include: Kelly DiPucchio, Jennifer Nilsson, Zane Kuo, Lisa Oakman. Donna J. Shepherd, Kelly Barson, Karissa Rouzaud, Donna Earnhardt, Mary Rand Hess, Jennifer Jesseph, Stacey Hsu, Christy Zoulek, Robert Stevens, Linda Korgaard, Christina Forshay, Stephanie Ruble, Janene Mascarella, Rachelle Burk and Linda McReynolds. Read the article in the Detroit Free Press online. Christine Tricarico website. Purchase Christine's "Temporal Currents" book online. Visit Gisele LeBlanc's Dragonfly Spirit online magazine.
Illustrations completed for Andi Houdek's "J.P.'s Halloween Parade" book
The cover of Andi Houdek's "JP's Halloween Parade"
Artwork by Kevin Scott Collier 
Illustrations for Andrea (Andi) Houdek's second children's book, "J.P.'s Halloween Parade," have been completed. The book features nine interior illustrations, and covers. The story concerns a boy named Justin Peter (J.P.) who doesn't come prepared for a kindergarten Halloween event. I illustrated Andi's first book, "Mice In My Tummy" published in January. The new book is expected to be published by the end of summer, and will also feature Sami Rae from "Mice." View Artwork from this book. Read an article about Andrea Houdek in Denver YourHub online. Visit the New World Publishing website. 
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COVER OF "THE ESTHER CHRONICLES" written by Kevin Scott Collier. Cover illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Kevin Scott Collier. FOURTEEN FABLES MAKE UP COLLECTION
"The Esther Chronicles" online stories compiled and released

The internet short stories of Esther, the painted turtle, have been compiled for a limited edition book just published by and available from Lulu Press. The 14 short stories that make up the book appeared on the internet in online magazines from October 2004 to January 2006. The online series began before the Tweener Press book "Esther's Channel" was published in July 2005, and featured many of the same characters that appear in that book. New characters also appear, including a praying mantis, a muskrat and a white owl. The series no longer appears online but gathered a following when it did. The fables in print version of "The Esther Chronicles" provide many lessons about compassion, courage, patience and hope. The book was published and released on April 17. It runs 82 pages in length, sells for 6.95 and features an all-new full color cover illustration of Esther and her friend, Gack, the red-winged blackbird. The stories originally appeared in Leap Of Faith, Inspirationstation, and Tweener World online magazines.


Peter Potato coloring book published, next chapter book "The Seven Crystals" to be released this summer
Artwork has been turned in for my second Peter Potato chapter book with creator and author Ronald Anthony Harvie. Titled "Peter Potato and the Seven Crystals," the 2nd chapter book in the series finds the Old King missing the jewels from his crown and Peter and companion Lebo the cucumber go on a search to find them and return magic to the kingdom. I illustrated 12 pictures for the book. The "Peter Potato Coloring and Activity Book," presenting Ronald Harvie's cast ensemble has been published. I created over 2 dozen line drawings for the book. The book is full size, 8.5" x 11", and has full color covers. I will begin illustrations for the third Peter Potato chapter book by the end of summer. That book, titled "Peter Potato and the Quest for Knowledge" likely will be published in time for Christmas. The first book in the series, "Peter Potato and Friends" was published in October 2005.

The book cover for "PETER POTATO AND THE SEVEN CRYSTALS" written by Ronald Harvie, illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier. © 2006 Ronald Harvie.