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Helping Young Writers

With the availability of Print On Demand, many children, through the help of their parents, are witnessing their dreams come to life with a book they have created.

Several times per year I will be accepting illustration assignments (free, no charge) to give child's first book a more professional appearance by creating a front and back cover for the project.

Soon to be released is the first such example, 7-year-old Hailey Russell's "Peter Meets Other Animals", which will be available through Lulu Press. Hailey is the daughter of Amy and Matt Russell.

I will work with the author and parents to produce a full color cover the young author will be pleased with. It's just a way I can help an aspiring young author when there were few helping hands for me when I was a child.

I ask you to support and encourage these young aspiring writers by buying their book. The childrens book readers today will be the talented writers of tomorrow.
"PETER MEETS OTHER ANIMALS" written by Hailey Russell, cover by Kevin Scott Collier.

"Peter Meets Other Animals" by Hailey Russell

In Hailey Russell's first book, a turtle named Peter meets other cretaures in the woods and discovers new friends including a rabbit, a bear and a blue jay. Interior full color illustrations by Miss Russell. 16 pages, published by Lulu Press.

Support this Young Author

Do you know a Young Author who needs an illustrated book cover?
Contact me and I'll look over each manuscript. Due to time restrictions, not every submission will be honored, but a child you know may be the one!
Email me.